Industrial Floor Coatings

are needed on surfaces that will be used in high traffic/ high imact…

     Factories, production facilities, and other workspace environments require special protection over their floors. Due to the high level of impact that they will take, combined with the need for long-term durability mean that investing in a floor coating is necessary. Industrial floor Coatings can be made of many different materials depending upon the specific use case, but the most common is epoxy. Epoxies provide a flexible durable, varied approach that will protect most surfaces. In addition to providing a high degree of protection, epoxy can allow for floor coatings to be various different colors depending on aesthetic preferences.

Industrial coatings are not just something we do; it’s what we know. Our expert knowledge of products and application processes are key to our strong reputation. Our expertise comes from years of experience working with a variety of products, surface materials, and continuous training for all employees.

This is what you can expect when you hire MIP & Restoration:

  • Expert knowledge of the processes & products needed for your project.
  • Detailed written quotes to ensure that there are no surprises.
  • A project manager for every job with daily communication.
  • Exceptional care & protection of your space with special attention to safety on the job
  • Commitment to our schedule.
  • A well-maintained job site from start to finish.

You can count on our dedication to providing an amazing experience. No one is more important than our customers.